The first hurdle in your journey to
your dream job is writing a CV

How a professional CV writing service works

The first hurdle in your journey to your dream job is writing a CV, but it’s easier said than done. A clear CV that is unique enough to stand out is a vital aspect of any job application.

Recruiters spend an average of seven seconds looking at each CV. To stand out from the crowd you need to emphasise your strengths, skills, and experience. That’s where AimCV comes in.

We are experts in delivering the best CV writing service that can help you get the career progression you deserve. There are many businesses and websites offering generic and dull CV templates, however, our personalised approach and high standards will ensure all our clients’ CVs make it to the very top of the pile.

Our bespoke professional CV writing service is carried out by our diligent team of writers, who will create a CV that gets across your qualities, your skills, and your abilities. Whether you’re a graduate looking for that first job, chasing a promotion, or looking for a complete career change, making a CV work for you has never been easier.

Why choose AimCV?

There are many businesses that claim to offer the best CV writing service available, so why choose AimCV?

With us, there are no hidden costs, and our professional CV writing service is tailored for you, and not just a generic template. That means we will be there to provide the information you require every step of the way, from initial contact to the job interview.

We know that making a CV is so much more than just one sheet of paper. It can be the difference between getting that first interview, and potentially your dream job, and not hearing back.

The Silver Package

AimCV’s Silver Package guarantees all our clients a turnaround of five working days. And unlike other CV writing services, The Silver Package involves no hidden costs, just a one off payment of £99 + VAT. It couldn’t be simpler. In just five working days and five simple steps, you will be well on your way to landing your dream role, carving out your dream career path.

1. Fill in your application and follow the guidelines regarding ‘personalised details’ as best you can. Send any drafts or previous CVs you would like us to have for reference.

2. You will receive an email acknowledgement, perhaps asking for any additional information.

3. Your Writer will call you and discuss your present position, your skills, and what you need to convey in your application.

4. AimCV will send your bespoke resume, including a covering letter that can be adapted to the recipient of your choice. You will also receive useful reminders of appropriate information to help you prepare for your interviews.

5. Send your professionally-written, bespoke CV to recruiters and prospective employers and land the promotion of your dreams



In a competitive marketplace, a professionally-written CV can be the difference between winning that first interview, and not getting a call back.

No longer are these documents simply a list of past positions, they need to captivate impatient and indifferent recruiters. There’s so much more to CV writing than making sure all your details are grammatically correct. AimCV offer an efficient, cost-effective and professional service of the highest standards to help you stand out from the crowd.

Yes, we do offer a CV writing service for specialist professions. Whether you want work in the finance sector as an accountant or investment banker, or work as a doctor in the medical profession, we can produce a bespoke CV tailored towards you and the job you are interested in applying for.

Whether you are a hardened veteran of your industry or have just left compulsory education, our team of writers can and will help you in your job search. Making a CV is difficult, especially when your previous experience is limited, but AimCV will help create a resume that catches the eye of recruiters and shines a light on your best qualities.