Why it pays to get a professional CV

Why it pays to get a professional CV

According to a recent study, the average recruiter looks at a CV for only seven seconds before making a decision about a job candidate. In this brief moment, a CV has to convey competence, qualification, experience and personality, or else it’ll get thrown on the reject pile.

To a recruiter, there is no difference between a CV that isn’t quite good enough, and a CV that was sent accidentally for the wrong job position. They both end up in the same place. Job searches have high stakes, and a lot of pressure falls on a single piece of paper to make all the difference. With this in mind, it’s no wonder many are turning to professional CV writing services, hoping to add professional sheen to their job applications, and to bring their tireless job search to an end.

Those who feel they can confidently pass the seven-second CV test are welcome to write their resumés on their own, but anyone who wants that extra level of certainty should consider putting their CV in the hands of professionals for these three reasons.

Professional CV writers know the ins and outs

You can spend hours trawling the web for tips on how to win employers over with a CV, but it is unlikely you will ever become a master of the medium. There’s just too much to know. Reading online CV advice is one thing, but understanding it is something else, since subtle changes and trends in the world of HR are continuously shifting employer preferences.

Online CV advice articles can be difficult to comprehend, as they variously tell you to be wary of ATS’s, to “quantify your value” without sounding narcissistic, to let your “personal brand” shine through. It can be difficult to get all of these things down on a piece of paper, without distracting from a CV’s essential features—qualifications, employment history, etc. As well as this, some CV advice on the internet could be outdated, or only narrowly relevant to certain specific markets.

Professional CV writers pride themselves on a comprehensive grasp of CV requirements. What works, what doesn’t. What’s essential, what isn’t. Crucially, they know what most job applicants leave out of their CVs, and what they should have put in if they wanted to be invited to an interview. This is helpful, because unless you are applying to be a professional CV writer yourself, you have no real need to learn the ins and outs of CV writing. Your time would be much better spent on other parts of your job search.

Leaving your CV to someone else lets you focus on your job search

Getting the perfect job takes more than a perfect CV. All of the time you spend writing, rewriting and researching your CV, you could be focusing your efforts on other vital parts of finding a new job.

In the age of social media, the Internet has never been more important in job searches. Making the most of LinkedIn as a networking tool is crucial. Instead of slaving over the best way to present your GCSEs, reach out to and connect with recruiters and employees in your chosen industry. Building up your network will not only gain you valuable advice, but it may also open up job opportunities.

It’s all well and good to have the most phenomenal CV of all time, but if you have nowhere to send it, it’s just another piece of paper. Networking, whether on LinkedIn or in the offline world, can open up these opportunities. Some estimate that up to 80% of job openings are completely unadvertised. Instead, they are filled by people in recruiters’ networks, who are approached directly. In a job landscape like this, it is building a professional network that could make all the difference.

There are other areas you can focus your attention on when your CV is taken care of by professionals. Even if you are not writing it yourself, you can still improve your CV by developing your skillset. Learning new skills in your spare time can vastly improve your employability.

LinkedIn themselves revealed the skills that increased employability the most last year. Those who were knowledgeable in data mining, cloud computing, and interface design were more likely to get hired than others. If skills like these fit into your career path, spend time getting to grips with them to have a stronger chance of being hired. If tech is not your area, there are still work-related skills you can build during your downtime with the aim of adding them to your CV when you are proficient.

CVs are too important to get wrong

Even if you don’t do anything with the extra time you gain from not writing your own CV, the stakes are still high enough that it is worth going professional. All of your job-searching efforts, all of your time spent networking, writing cover letters, dreaming of a better future, may have been for nothing if a recruiter looks at your CV for those seven short seconds, and finds nothing they like.

Getting a CV professionally written can be the difference between ending up in the reject pile, and ending up in the recruiters’ office. Don’t let a piece of paper hold you back. Contact AimCV today to enquire about CV writing services.

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