Are you looking for a change of career?

Are you looking for a change of career?

Teaching & Nursing are being promoted

Careers in Teaching and Nursing are being actively promoted by the industries themselves and by the government. There are considerable shortages of supply possibly creating additional opportunities that could prove more lucrative for you than elsewhere, depending on your CV and transferable skills.

Looking for a way ahead

Apprenticeships may not have occurred to you as a way in but this route should certainly not be overlooked. Macmillan Nurses offer internships (Mac Intern) at: and a number of other opportunities to work and gain experience alongside other demanding roles.


The Open University offers a range of degree courses including Adult and Mental Health Nursing. For a full account of what is available through OU go to:


It must be accepted that teaching and nursing are often considered to be vocational professions in the UK presently. Unless career progression is pursued with vigorous determination, both can be poorly rewarded financially. However, the direction of travel can rightly be considered to be positive. To some this may not be the primary goal and there are many who are satisfied and fulfilled regardless of the stresses and strains.


If attainment and progress is a driver, careers in the UK can be highly rewarded financially provided attention is paid to constant training and a clear path towards current demand is identified. This should be followed with all the networking and media skills available to individuals and corporations. Professional CV writers and advice will improve your focus and I have listed some industry contacts below.

Agencies & Overseas

Moving overseas after a UK training could be a more lucrative path for those who are looking for substantial change and who can embrace the associated upheavals. Teaching and nursing have a substantial dependence on staffing agencies and although they constantly maintain their intention to reduce their reliance, there is no sign of significant change.

Career satisfaction

There is little doubt that those who embrace nursing and teaching opportunities to benefit others can achieve a personal satisfaction that reaches far beyond their own horizons. They consider their career choices to be of great influence on how others can live their lives in more fortunate circumstances -as a direct result of their own efforts. Their job satisfaction brings a personal joy that must make nursing and teaching a serious consideration for some…

Contacts for more information… –  Now Teach – Professional Development | Royal College of Nursing – Professional CV writers and advisors with appropriate covering letter.

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