23 Nov 2018

Opportunities in medicine


Whether you love him or loathe him, there are few in the NHS who were sorry to see the back of former Minister for Health (Secretary of State for Health and Social Care), now serving as serving as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

It is generally accepted that the present staff shortages in the NHS are due to reach almost crisis point as the UK heads towards, and beyond, Brexit. For crisis, read opportunity. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/jeremy-hunt-nurse-training-bursaries-axed-george-osborne-conservative-conference-a7979636.html

Arguably the most precious commodity in the UK, even the government’s recent policies of austerity were recently set to one side to bolster the flagging fortunes of the NHS. As a result, there are now special encouragements throughout the sector to fulfil a reinforced political focus.


Nursing is clearly a substantial proportion of NHS employment but it is the entire range of specialisations that are in need of recruitment and it is worth making yourself familiar with what that substantial range includes: https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/eXplore-ROLES aimCV.com suggests you also go to https://www.healthcareers.nhs.uk/career-planning/study-and-training for an idea of what is currently on offer. It is also worth pointing out the importance of an application, and that a professionally written CV or résumé is going to be of enormous assistance in separating the wheat from the chaff.


There is little point in pretending there aren’t problems within a number of aspects of NHS and other employer’s demands. Equally, what problems exist are likely to find far more flexible solutions where employers needs are in turmoil, and there can be little doubt about the present predicament of the employer and the government.

Those who are trained and diligent contributors can expect continued, valuable, career development, and support. Initiative and problem solving lie at the heart of future developments within one of the most complex and sophisticated organisations on the planet. There are truly amazing ranges of skills and experience required for the ongoing development our national treasure, and significant career opportunities are abundant as a result.

From midwifery to palliative care, the beginning to the end, and everything in between, exciting opportunities are waiting to be explored and rewarded.


The General Practitioner or GP is usually the first point of contact with the National Health Service (NHS), for the general public. As the title suggests a GP is expected to have the widest of medical knowledge from observing likelihoods, covering all ages, and all potential, to recognising any condition presented by the patient, whether mental, physical, or circumstantial. S/he then needs to know precisely what action to take, advise, or recommend. The role varies widely across the British Isles and is very much dependent on the location of the surgery: inner city Glasgow is going to be very different for a GP from the requirements in industrial centres in the Midlands, and very different again from those of rural Norfolk.

Although paid (£55k – £80+) between twice and three times the national UK average (£27k), there is a shortage of GPs in the UK and around the world https://www.bmj.com/content/358/bmj.j3191 . In Australia for example, and depending on experience, a GP can expect between £100k & £200k, should that be of interest.

You will find the pathway and qualifications required here: https://www.ucas.com/ucas/after-gcses/find-career-ideas/explore-jobs/job-profile/general-practitioner


Consultants in England earn from £60,000 to more than £100,000 within the NHS and considerably more when mixed with, or exclusively, private practice (No. Not the American TV drama series!). After qualifying as a doctor, the candidate undergoes specialty training in a specific field. Examples such as: anaesthesia, clinical oncology, radiology, community sexual health, emergency medicine, acute internal medicine and clinical genetics are just a few of the areas of speciality common within the world of medicine. This site will provide you with accurate details https://www.medschools.ac.uk/studying-medicine/after-medical-school/specialties


Due to the availability of universal, state-funded, healthcare in the UK, private medicine is a relatively small niche market. Even so, privatisation is a growth market and given the constant strain on the public purse from the NHS, most governments will, almost inevitably, tend towards reducing their own (the public’s and the taxpayer’s), liabilities where ever they feel they can get away with it. You will find an overview of the present situation here: https://store.mintel.com/uk-private-healthcare-market-report


Some are drawn to the enormous demands of dealing with the sick and those diagnosed with illness but others may not find this appealing. It is worth pointing out here that there are many who feel, what is often referred to as a calling or a vocation, and the demands referred to above lie at the very heart of their desire to nurse and care for others. But for those who do not, the field is again, a wide one.

Research is prevalent throughout medicine and there is a global network of those interested and involved. ‘New Scientist’ is the universal bible for all aspects of science and https://jobs.newscientist.com/en-gb/article/how-to-make-a-career-in-medical-research-/ will show you some of the milestones required, with additional references to potentially important internships.


Many years ago I was told that, deep down, all humans are only interested in three things: health, wealth & love. I would like to think you would find all three above and so, finally, good luck…

08 Nov 2018

Engineering is a big topic


Other than the grown (un-interfered with) or the natural, most things we have heard of, we see, or we touch, are either handmade or manufactured. From the hospital we were born in, the car we went home in, the road we traveled on, the home we went home to, the crib we were laid down in, to the mobile in our pocket today, all were conceived -based on theory or experiment- and developed individually or with others, and this process of intelligent and experimental thought is at the heart of what an engineer may do.

We all have our own prejudices but if you think about it, not only do we each know that little or nothing in the world is perfect, we each have our own ideas about what it is that could be improved as a matter of importance and priority.

‘Engineering’ is the catch-all term we use to collect the immense universe of form and function we are faced with, so it will not be a surprise to discover that there is no end to the range of subjects engineering covers.

Science, technology and design, are combined with mathematics to progress the development of new and/or old products but, and this is important, none should be ruled out through lack of knowledge or interest in the others: not being an accomplished mathematician should not be perceived as a block to developing one or more of the other myriad skills or interests.

This is as helpful as it is confusing but the reason I bring it to your attention is because many conceive the term ‘engineering’ to conjure up images of steel being turned on lathes, or the building of a simple bridge. (If you would like an idea of the complexities and diversities of modern bridge building you can take a look at this for an eye-opener). The fact is that a host of those who are involved in the engineering process never go near a construction site. So, whether you enjoy the office environment, working on site, or a combination of the two, there are opportunities everywhere.


Any object of any significance has engineering at the very heart of it. Whether it is Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway, a new sewer in London, or a gizmo that fits on the head of a pin for the medical profession, engineers are required to recognise and identify the opportunity as well as the specification, schedule, and budgets, for the manufactured finished solutions.

For some the world changes greatly if we introduce the word ‘software’ to engineering. Computer games, and more recently, AI (artificial intelligence) have grown and developed way beyond the boundaries, even dreamt of, thirty years ago.

Privatised space travel is about to commence and you are welcome to go online and buy your ticket right now.


Virtually all of the numerous branches, collectively known as engineering, are currently enjoying substantial demand and reward in equal measure, all over the world.

Go to typesofengineeringdegrees.org for some idea of the enormous scope. Every branch has opportunity written all over it and could just represent the ideal solution for your new or developing career.

Equal opportunities? The UK is showing small but ever more positive steps in encouraging females (currently 12% in engineering), to share in the opportunities too. In certain instances, it is way, way better than that: telegraph.co.uk/business/women-in-engineering/female-engineers-building-crossrail/. While the article is a year old, the message is clear: there are truly exciting jobs in the UK and almost any other country you care to think of.


Every major build requires thousands of contributors and it could be a serious error to imagine that you may not be included in the offer process. A professional CV writing service will adjust your CV and tune your covering letter to an individual prospect that will be essential in getting forthcoming projects lined up in advance.


It is almost expected that the truly big projects, such as a mega-airport in Beijing or Apple’s new HQ in Silicon Valley, hire for the term of the build. Contractors are used to scouring the world for the skills they require and, don’t forget, they already know these skills are in short supply. In and outside the UK For every Crossrail or HS2 there are many thousands more smaller and less publicised construction sites all over the UK and the rest of the world.


2018 was announced as the government’s year for engineering and here is a link to their site for some of the possible training, internships, and apprenticeships: gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-landmark-campaign-to-inspire-next-generation-of-engineers

There are a huge number of degree courses and a good proportion of these are online, providing the additional opportunity to remain in your current employment or find something else alongside your degree course. Thames Water, amongst others, offer an innovative return to work for men and, especially, for women.


There are a huge number of degree courses and a good proportion of these are online, providing the additional opportunity to remain in your current employment or find something else alongside your degree course. Thames Water, amongst others, offer an innovative return to work for men and, especially, for women.

https://www.raeng.org.uk for The Royal Academy of Engineering
https://www.rolls-roycemotorcars.com/en-GB/information/careers.html for Rolls Royce careers and apprenticeships
Government launches £1.5m fund for ‘return to work’ projects
https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk › News › Articles
http://jcbacademy.com/apprenticeships/ for the JCB Academy

Professional CV writers and advisors with appropriate covering letter.

23 Oct 2018

Are you looking for a change of career?

Teaching & Nursing are being promoted

Careers in Teaching and Nursing are being actively promoted by the industries themselves and by the government. There are considerable shortages of supply possibly creating additional opportunities that could prove more lucrative for you than elsewhere, depending on your CV and transferable skills.

Looking for a way ahead

Apprenticeships may not have occurred to you as a way in but this route should certainly not be overlooked. Macmillan Nurses offer internships (Mac Intern) at: https://www.macmillan.org.uk/about-us/working-with-us/careers-at-macmillan and a number of other opportunities to work and gain experience alongside other demanding roles.


The Open University offers a range of degree courses including Adult and Mental Health Nursing. For a full account of what is available through OU go to: http://www.open.ac.uk/business/apprenticeships/degree-and-higher/registered-nurse-degree-apprenticeship


It must be accepted that teaching and nursing are often considered to be vocational professions in the UK presently. Unless career progression is pursued with vigorous determination, both can be poorly rewarded financially. However, the direction of travel can rightly be considered to be positive. To some this may not be the primary goal and there are many who are satisfied and fulfilled regardless of the stresses and strains.


If attainment and progress is a driver, careers in the UK can be highly rewarded financially provided attention is paid to constant training and a clear path towards current demand is identified. This should be followed with all the networking and media skills available to individuals and corporations. Professional CV writers and advice will improve your focus and I have listed some industry contacts below.

Agencies & Overseas

Moving overseas after a UK training could be a more lucrative path for those who are looking for substantial change and who can embrace the associated upheavals. Teaching and nursing have a substantial dependence on staffing agencies and although they constantly maintain their intention to reduce their reliance, there is no sign of significant change.

Career satisfaction

There is little doubt that those who embrace nursing and teaching opportunities to benefit others can achieve a personal satisfaction that reaches far beyond their own horizons. They consider their career choices to be of great influence on how others can live their lives in more fortunate circumstances -as a direct result of their own efforts. Their job satisfaction brings a personal joy that must make nursing and teaching a serious consideration for some…

Contacts for more information…

www.nowteach.org.uk –  Now Teach

www.rcn.org.uk/professional-development – Professional Development | Royal College of Nursing

www.aimcv.com – Professional CV writers and advisors with appropriate covering letter.

08 Oct 2018

Redundancy is an opportunity

Businesses are managing massive change as the world embraces the unparalleled power of the internet and globalisation. Your redundancy is likely an inevitable result of the upheaval of tens of thousands who find their lives turned upside down so there is no need to feel penalised or singled out. You can harness your own opportunities using the web. Grab the opportunity with both hands and look up not down.

It is not your fault
Whether expected or a bolt from the blue, redundancy is the job, not you. It is vital you understand the difference between the two since loss of confidence is what you need to keep at bay for now. Let’s not pretend the psychological effects are unimportant: loss of income and status can have devastating consequences.

The first hurdle
Conversely, a brand new CV and a reappraisal of your online Linkedin profile will present the new you to hundreds of potential employers and HR teams scouring the internet for talent and skills like yours –as well as lift your spirits! Scour the internet and make plenty of notes as you approach multiple businesses and get things moving forward.

Use professional resources
Professional CV writers are a valuable resource that should be seriously considered. Importantly, as part of the package you will be provided with a relevant cover letter. A professional CV writer will not only present you in the best possible light to an increasingly risk averse world; they will ensure your resume or CV passes the proliferation of ‘dos & don’ts’ expected by modern, sophisticated HR, recruitment and head hunting teams.

Use the opportunity to reassess transferable skills, redefine yourself and change your direction and location, if that has been a recent point of discussion. Make full use of any assistance offered as part of your redundancy package and stay in contact with your colleagues. Use your existing and newly developed social media skills to build new friendships with others in your chosen industry.

CEOs are in the same boat
Even the truly ambitious may be daunted by the insecurity redundancy can create so engage in any networking events or webinars whenever an opportunity arises. General redundancy advice is available at: www.acas.org.uk/redundancy. When an employee is made redundant, they may be eligible for certain rights such as time off to look for work during their notice period and levels of redundancy pay are explained.

Establish a routine
Manage your time looking for your new career just as you manage your time in work. Establish a pattern throughout the day and register with agencies and job boards. Don’t forget to keep detailed notes and to check back with what you have already done. An opportunity can appear within hours and everything needs to be responded to immediately.

Keep at it
Whether you are working out a notice period or setting up a short term office at home it is easy to become despondent so, keep yourself motivated. At the end of each day think about what you have done and reflect on what you have achieved. Based on these thoughts and while fresh in your mind, make notes about what to do to follow-up and just as important, to open new doors tomorrow.

Redundancy Package updates
Carillion’s present status updates can be notified to you by email by registering at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/update-for-carillion-workers-claiming-redundancy-payments–2 for example.

Toys R Us UK has appointed Moorfields Advisory (https://www.moorfieldscr.com/ or  020 7186 1144) as administrator to wind down the company’s stores, with the collapse putting 3,000 jobs at risk.

PwC (https://www.pwc.co.uk/ 0114 272 9141) is set to handle Maplin which employs 2,500 people.

23 Sep 2017

Why it pays to get a professional CV

According to a recent study, the average recruiter looks at a CV for only seven seconds before making a decision about a job candidate. In this brief moment, a CV has to convey competence, qualification, experience and personality, or else it’ll get thrown on the reject pile.

To a recruiter, there is no difference between a CV that isn’t quite good enough, and a CV that was sent accidentally for the wrong job position. They both end up in the same place. Job searches have high stakes, and a lot of pressure falls on a single piece of paper to make all the difference. With this in mind, it’s no wonder many are turning to professional CV writing services, hoping to add professional sheen to their job applications, and to bring their tireless job search to an end.

Those who feel they can confidently pass the seven-second CV test are welcome to write their resumés on their own, but anyone who wants that extra level of certainty should consider putting their CV in the hands of professionals for these three reasons.

Professional CV writers know the ins and outs

You can spend hours trawling the web for tips on how to win employers over with a CV, but it is unlikely you will ever become a master of the medium. There’s just too much to know. Reading online CV advice is one thing, but understanding it is something else, since subtle changes and trends in the world of HR are continuously shifting employer preferences.

Online CV advice articles can be difficult to comprehend, as they variously tell you to be wary of ATS’s, to “quantify your value” without sounding narcissistic, to let your “personal brand” shine through. It can be difficult to get all of these things down on a piece of paper, without distracting from a CV’s essential features—qualifications, employment history, etc. As well as this, some CV advice on the internet could be outdated, or only narrowly relevant to certain specific markets.

Professional CV writers pride themselves on a comprehensive grasp of CV requirements. What works, what doesn’t. What’s essential, what isn’t. Crucially, they know what most job applicants leave out of their CVs, and what they should have put in if they wanted to be invited to an interview. This is helpful, because unless you are applying to be a professional CV writer yourself, you have no real need to learn the ins and outs of CV writing. Your time would be much better spent on other parts of your job search.

Leaving your CV to someone else lets you focus on your job search

Getting the perfect job takes more than a perfect CV. All of the time you spend writing, rewriting and researching your CV, you could be focusing your efforts on other vital parts of finding a new job.

In the age of social media, the Internet has never been more important in job searches. Making the most of LinkedIn as a networking tool is crucial. Instead of slaving over the best way to present your GCSEs, reach out to and connect with recruiters and employees in your chosen industry. Building up your network will not only gain you valuable advice, but it may also open up job opportunities.

It’s all well and good to have the most phenomenal CV of all time, but if you have nowhere to send it, it’s just another piece of paper. Networking, whether on LinkedIn or in the offline world, can open up these opportunities. Some estimate that up to 80% of job openings are completely unadvertised. Instead, they are filled by people in recruiters’ networks, who are approached directly. In a job landscape like this, it is building a professional network that could make all the difference.

There are other areas you can focus your attention on when your CV is taken care of by professionals. Even if you are not writing it yourself, you can still improve your CV by developing your skillset. Learning new skills in your spare time can vastly improve your employability.

LinkedIn themselves revealed the skills that increased employability the most last year. Those who were knowledgeable in data mining, cloud computing, and interface design were more likely to get hired than others. If skills like these fit into your career path, spend time getting to grips with them to have a stronger chance of being hired. If tech is not your area, there are still work-related skills you can build during your downtime with the aim of adding them to your CV when you are proficient.

CVs are too important to get wrong

Even if you don’t do anything with the extra time you gain from not writing your own CV, the stakes are still high enough that it is worth going professional. All of your job-searching efforts, all of your time spent networking, writing cover letters, dreaming of a better future, may have been for nothing if a recruiter looks at your CV for those seven short seconds, and finds nothing they like.

Getting a CV professionally written can be the difference between ending up in the reject pile, and ending up in the recruiters’ office. Don’t let a piece of paper hold you back. Contact AimCV today to enquire about CV writing services.