…join our growing national team
aimCV is a fresh, innovative and fast-growing business. We are looking for enthusiastic, part-time, freelance, writers to join our growing national team.


Employment specialists who want to top up their existing salary, those on sabbaticals, raising a family, moving to the country, and many others not wanting to travel to an office or commit to a forty hour week are sought, provided you have the all-important recruitment experience.


It is not widely known that headhunters, HR, and recruiters engage in sophisticated methods to assess candidates applying for advertised vacancies. As a consequence, the rates of acceptance at CV submission level are exceptionally low. This is frustrating to applicants, just as it is their assessors. aimCV’s target is to avoid the routine scenario by making our professional writer’s expertise available to the public at a modest cost.


Niche and general experience in HR and recruitment are essential, as is a clear-spoken self-confidence on the phone.


We look for CIPD qualifications and experience and offer excellent reward for our first class professional writers.


Our policy is to be entirely flexible where hours are concerned.


The aimCV fundamentals can be summed up as experience with enthusiasm. aimCV is based in London but we actively encourage writers from the length and breadth of the UK.


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