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Your CV may be the first hurdle on your path to career success, but there are many areas in which you need to excel in order to build a great career. An enticing cover letter and an impressive interview performance are both important in securing a new job, but even once you’re in your new position there are hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. Read on for aimCV’s advice on all things career-related.

How to write a cover letter

As an increasingly essential part of the job application process, writing a cover letter for a CV is a further opportunity to secure that first interview. aimCV WILL provide you with a bespoke, original covering letter accompanied by advice on how to adapt it to future job applications. Our expert advice on how to tailor covering letters will help you start the process of securing your dream job.

How to impress in a job interview

In the time-sensitive environment of a job interview, putting forward your skills and experience in a confident and professional way is vital. Find the best way to find a job with these industry tips and advice on the qualities employers look for in interviews.

How to write a LinkedIn summary

94% of recruiters use social media, and many use LinkedIn to find new clients. Our experts know how to write a Linkedin summary that will get you noticed. Whether you want to add your CV to LinkedIn or are just interested in raising your profile, we have the very best LinkedIn summary tips for you.

How to write a letter of resignation

Writing a letter of resignation can be a challenging and often overlooked part of finding your new job. Just like writing your CV, it needs to be well thought out and professionally done. From laying out your reason for leaving a job, to maintaining relationships with past employers, we have expert advice for you.

Graduate careers advice

Today’s cut-throat job market can be daunting, especially when a degree itself is no longer enough to secure a job. From advice on job applications, CVs and cover letters to interview tips, our graduate careers advice centre will equip you with all the skills you need.

How to handle rejection

In a competitive marketplace, rejection is sometimes inevitable. Knowing how to handle rejection is just as important as finding a great CV. These tips will help you see rejection not as a failure, but just another hurdle on your path to that perfect job.

Life after the interview

So you have a standout professionally written CV and cover letter, and have aced the interview, but now you’ve started your new job the hard work doesn’t stop. Revisit us to stay up to date with new developments, and for help with future job applications when it’s time to move on.