A professionally-written, bespoke CV for recruiters and prospective employers.

Just fill in a simple application form to personalise your CV.

Only £49 + VAT to land the job of your dreams.


aimCV’s Bronze, or starter Package guarantees all our clients a turnaround of five working days. And unlike other CV writing services, the Bronze Package involves no hidden costs, just a one off payment of £49 + VAT. It couldn’t be simpler. In just five working days and five simple steps, you will be well on your way to landing your new role, carving out your first steps to your dream career path.

1. Fill in your application and follow the guidelines regarding ‘personalised details’ as best you can. Send any drafts or previous CVs you would like us to have for reference.

2. You will receive an email acknowledgement, perhaps asking for any additional information.
You will also receive a VAT invoice showing your payment as paid.

3. Your Writer will call you and discuss your present situation, your skills, and what you need to convey in your application.

4. aimCV Bronze package includes: a personalised, bespoke, CV, based around the notes you provide and a phone conversation; a formatted covering letter/email to accompany your CV submission to a prospective employer; advice on background research related to the prospective employer; appropriate information to help you prepare for your interviews; advice on arriving at your interview in plenty of time and relaxed; a ‘remember this’ boost to your ego to be (re)read immediately prior to interview.

5. Send your professionally-written, bespoke CV to recruiters and prospective employers and land ahead of the competition and well on your way to fulfilling your dreams.

*  This package is our starter pack

aimCV is dedicated to maximising employment opportunities by the professional presentation of our clients. Now we have developed a starter package specifically aimed at first time career seekers and the currently unemployed in order that all may benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional writers at a strictly limited cost to themselves.

There is no doubt that professional CV writers are more likely to achieve more interviews, sooner, than almost all self written submissions. Two simple reasons are responsible for this unsurprising outcome: professional writers are always aware of the rigid, yet changing, expectations of the most fastidious, risk averse, HR and recruitment practitioners; a third-party view and assessment of a client’s skills, transferable skills, strengths and weaknesses will always big up the talent in question, without either shyness or prejudice.


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