A professionally-written, bespoke CV for recruiters and prospective employers with up to 6 permutations with appropriate covering letters tailored to specific roles / employers, over three months.

A tailored LinkedIn profile.

Just fill in a simple application form to personalise your CV.

Only £199 +VAT to land the promotion of your dreams.


aimCV’s Gold Package guarantees all our clients a turnaround of five working days. And unlike other CV writing services, The Gold Package involves no hidden costs, just a one off payment of £199 + VAT. It couldn’t be simpler. In just five working days and seven simple steps, you will be well on your way to landing your dream role, carving out the next stage of a dream career path.

1. Fill in your application provided and follow the guidelines regarding ‘personalised details’ as best you can. Send any drafts or previous CVs you would like us to have for reference.

2. Similar with your Linkedin site. No doubt you already have a presence there and you will need to post the content we originate for you, yourself. We will update and, where necessary, modify your all-important ‘profile’ page. We will also comment on other areas of the site if asked.

3. You will receive an email acknowledgement, perhaps asking for any additional information.  You will also receive a VAT invoice showing your payment as paid.

4. Your writer will call you and discuss your present position, your transferable skills, and what you need to convey in your applications.

5. aimCV will send your bespoke resume and advise on a bespoke covering letter specifically tailored to the recipient(s) of your choice. You will also receive useful reminders of appropriate information to help you prepare for your interviews. NB At senior levels we recommend the applicant write their own covering letters. Our experience has shown employers demand intricate personal and professional detail that can only we written by the applicant. aimCV is always happy to guide and advise.

6. This Gold Package allows for five further variations or permutations to your CV over a three month period, tailoring it to specific roles and businesses. Simply email new details to aimCV and we will call you to check the specifics prior to unarchiving and revising your fresh CVs.

7. Send your professionally-written, bespoke CV to recruiters, head-hunters and/or your chosen prospective employer, and land the promotion of your dreams.


If you would like to discuss alternative payment methods, please fill in the form and then email us at once completed.

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