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Recruiters look at CVs for as little as seven seconds. If they don’t like what they see, you won’t get the job. It’s as simple as that. aimCV helps you pass that seven-second test with a high quality, tailored CV and covering letter.


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Graham Fletcher aimCV CEO

"You underestimate your own talent. aimCV is all about presenting YOUR talent to the big wide world. And, trust me, our professional CV writers, HR & Recruitment experts, know how to do that way better than you. I read hundreds of CVs most weeks, I am still amazed at how poorly talented, experienced, worldly-wise, and educated individuals present themselves -and I include serious professionals -at the top of their game. Summarising, and leading others to place YOU in the 3-5%, pile that makes the cut is CRUCIAL if you want to move forward and move up. Remember, making the cut only gets you reviewed properly -with the possibility of being invited to an interview! All people have an intrinsic talent and aimCV is here to make certain that your particular talent is set out simply and clearly. Your professional CV writer has ONLY your opportunities in mind. They don’t exaggerate and they are not shy. They are trained to gain YOU interviews… This site is about your talent."